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It's also combined with the fact that we now have to validate every.

Single. Piece. Isle of Wight, England is home to three chalk stacks known as "The Needles".
No white jersey pieces have been observed (although white patches have been seen).
This assertion is supported by patches observed. The CCM logo is possible.
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"Both ways, it was a little sloppy, it wasn't a perfect game for either team. In our case, it was a back to back, end of the road trip, and sometimes that happens," said Calvert.

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This is what it's come to. It's come to all of us, one by one, fawning over an 18 year old, just because he's supposedly Jordan reincarnate.
It's Nike and adidas over bidding, and it's me, in the media, over exposing and over analyzing.
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Its definitely not a perfect system. I doubt there is such a thing as one, but im on board with President Trumps proposal.

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